See, if you don't want them to trace it back...
...you've gotta punch in to some little rinky-dink outfit...
...that has a little Mickey Mouse computer...
rinky-dink 陳腐な


I'm not saying another word.
That's it.
not say another word もう他に言うことはない


The good ones are married.
So, Brad thinks he's God's gift to women.
He won't take no for an answer, but he's the only one asking.
the good ones めぼしいもの(格好の独身男)


Yes, I want to call you, but I wouldn't want to be a nuisance to you.
I don't think you could ever be a nuisance to me.
be a nuisance to ~の厄介者になる


- Can I help?
- No, thanks.
With all the car trouble I have, I studied up on auto repair.
study up on 十分に調べる


I see Superman every day.
You do? Could you get me his autograph?
I don't know. If I had a nickel for every time some little kid...
if I had a nickel for every time (~を)何度もやっていれば(蔵が建つ)


And a flat tire on the highway. What a kicker.
Had to fix it myself with these little pinkies.
And I figured your boss was gonna be real peeved, you know what I mean?
Kicker 思わぬ展開 予期しない結末
be peeved


Meteorologists are baffled by the tornado and rainstorms that struck Colombia this afternoon threatening to destroy its entire coffee crop for the next five years.
meteorologists 気象学者
be baffled


Gale force winds up to an incredible 250 miles an hour lashed the countryside while 12 inches of rainfall have already been recorded in just one day.
gale force wind  強風


A spokesman for the Department of Meteorology said, this was, I quote: "The most awesome display of natural forces since Noah's ark. "
Noah's ark ノアの箱舟


I'm gonna get you for that, you big silly!
Bubba, do you realize what we're onto?
Do I?
Every time a drunk sobers up, he'll drink Webster coffee.
get you for that 仕返ししてやる
big silly
be onto
何かに気づく 良い結果へ導く状況にいる
sober up


All the oil.
All the pumps.
All the tankers
This is some nifty idea, Vera.
nifty しゃれた


- It's not my fault.
Isn't it neat? There...
neat 手際がいい


I just saw Colombia bite the dust.
You didn't see the man come flying out of the sky?
It was him with his cape flapping in the...
His cape was flapping in the wind!
bite the dust 地上に打ち倒される 敗北する
cape flapping in the wind


You think he stood around to take bows? Not this man.
No, sir. He flies off again!
take bows 礼をして拍手に答える
fly off


That lousy do-gooder ruined it.
Now that he's pulled off this stunt, he'll try and ruin my oil scheme too.
lousy do-gooder 汚い口先だけのいい子
pull off the stunt,


- How do you know?
- I know a few things.
I know, from the graffiti I saw.
graffiti 壁の落書き


Wait a second.
She's right.
I remember reading about it in an interview with him.
in an interview with  ~とのインタビューで


That's why I keep you around.
I've been thinking that I'm not making enough money for this gig.
gig 一回限りの仕事


He'll pay for this. Get out your wallet!
Good morning.
Don't you "good morning" me.
get out your wallet 金を出せ


Listen, I have a problem with Ricky.
What happened to Ricky?
It's Superman's autograph you got him.
He got carried away and told the kids Superman was coming on his birthday.
get carried away 調子に乗る


First, for putting out the Lake Camooga fire.
And not least, for saving little Ricky.
not least とりわけ


As you were.  Now listen up.
I just came in directly......from the Pentagon...
...and you better believe there's a damn good reason that I did.
as you were もとへ なおれ
a damn good reason


Sit on what?!
You sit on molded, plastic seats!
Molded to your well-fed behinds.
behinds. お尻


Do you want......our president of the United States sitting down......to write a peace treaty...and have his ballpoint pen bust open...and the ink run out all over his nice, clean pants......in front of the world leaders?
bust open 弾ける


Now, we all know...that last week, half of this great nation of ours......almost bite the bullet......if it wasn't for this man here.
bite the bullet  じっと苦痛をこらえる
if it wasn’t for 


And all I can say is, thank the Lord for Superman.
Superman, you saved our bacon...and I'd like to show our gratitude.
thank the Lord for
save bacon 命を救う


"At a special session of the General Assembly...178 countries voted
to censure Superman...with only Colombia abstaining."
General Assembly
censure (~に対する)問責を決議する


In fact, he was so full of niceness...I hated laying that big chunk of…
Kryptonite. Don't you see?
That stuff we ran off in the lab wasn't a failure after all
run off さっと作り上げる


Right after Gus gave it to him, he started to turn into....an ornery, evil, malicious, selfish...
ornery 怒りっぽい


How can he say that pure categories have no objective meaning...
...in transcendental logic?
 What about synthetic unity?
Hi, honey! Am I in your way?
Stick around, you might learn something.
pure categories 純粋概念
transcendental logic
synthetic unity
be in one’s way
stick around


That's a throwback to some sentimental, seafaring baloney.
You will command the tankers to sail toward a 50-mile area…
in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
be a throwback to  ~への後戻り
seafaring baloney


How are all the people gonna get their oil?
You catch on fast, old buddy.
catch on fast 物分りが早い


Tell them these orders are irreversible. 
So, it would be impossible for anybody to switch them back.
irreversible 不可逆


You know, you get your way all the time.
And it's not right. I want to know when I get a taste.
get your way やりたいようにする 思い通りにやる
get a taste.


They're all mine now. All mine.
Not quite. What's that in the upper-middle quadrant?
quadrant 四分円


Don't expect me to save you. I don't do that anymore.
Don't worry. I'm long past saving.
Don't let me keep you from anything.
be long past saving もはや助からない(助かる時間はとっくに過ぎている)


The east coast gets the brunt of the spill.
brunt (攻撃の)ほこ先 get the brunt of the spill 流出をまともにくらう)


It's a disgrace, that's what.
Nobody's ever gonna trust that creep again.
He's washed up.
creep 気味悪い
washed up
ぼろぼろになる もう駄目になる


Come on!
I can give as good as I get.
Yeah? All right come on!
give as good as get 負けずにやりかえす


Come on, chicken!  Come and get me.
You've been on my nerves a long time!
come and get me   かかってこい


So, you've finally shown your true colors.
Well, if you're looking for us, here's where you'll find us.
show one’s true colors 本来の姿を現す


Wait, you gonna mess with Superman?
Let's go. I want to be ready for him when he falls into our trap.
I just don't see why you can't balloon down like the rest of us.
mess with (~に)ちょかいを出す


Watch out, horsy!  Don't, don't, don't.
Just don't try to fly. Don't try to fly!
horsy お馬ちゃん


Where's the light switch?
Where do you usually find it?
I don't know.
 I guess I'll check the doorway.
God, it's pitch-black in here.
pitch-black 真っ暗


Who needs Gus?
- Only he can operate it.
- Like fish, he is!
I know enough about computers to put a Ph.D. to shame.
fish 簡単に餌にひっかかる人
to shame  (~)も顔負け(真っ青)になる


Come now, brother dear, you didn't think...
I'd let that little man run the show, did you?
Why don't peons tidy up when they're done?
run the show 采配を振る
tidy up


Let the games begin.
Don't tense up now, honey.
Come on, Bubba, you're wasting your rockets.
tense up  緊張する


Keep your rockets coming. He won't notice the missile till too late!
So much for your catlike reflexes
till too late  手遅れになるまで
so much for
catlike reflexes 


Sit, sit!  Help!  Hello!
Get to, jackass!
get to しゃくにさわる


He's still coming!
He's going to get me!
Don't bet on it!
don’t bet on it それはどうかな? それは怪しい


Regular or premium?
She hasn't had a drink in so long, give her a tankful of the good stuff.
a tankful of 満タン


It didn't know that when acid gets hot, it'll eat through anything.
Watch the trees.
I guess it died of acid indigestion.
acid indigestion 胃酸過多


Okay, let's go.
I was afraid you'd say that.  I thought I'd take the bus.
Well, suit yourself.
suit yourself お好きにどうぞ


Does your boss have a computer here?
Yeah, he got a little bitty one about that big
You tell him he can do a lot worse than to give Gus Gorman here a job.
bitty ちっちゃな
can do worse than to  


Superman said to tell you he's sorry...but he's run into a problem and he can't make dinner with you. I guess he misses a lot of dinners.
Would you mind settling for me?
Any day.  I'll get my things.
any day 今すぐにでも
get one’s things


I've always hated you. You know why?
- No.
- Because you're nice.
- Not really.
And nice guys finish last.
nice guys finish last お人好しは成功しない


Lois, I've got to hand it to you.
Who else could turn a vacation into a story...
...that'll blow the lid off of corruption in the Caribbean?
blow the lid off of (~を)暴露する


I like your sparkler a lot.
Me too. I couldn't believe it when Clark gave it to me.
Clark gave it to you?
sparkler ダイヤモンド


Mr. White, look what I've got for you.
People, I am in love with this machine!
Excuse me, but I have a couple of errands to run before lunch.
errands to run 済ませなければならない用事